Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's Been Three Months . . .

It's been three months since we began the new way of eating. More whole foods, less processed. More local food, less purchased from supermarkets. I made friends at the farmer's market this year and grew much of what we ate in my back yard.

We made slow changes to our diet that we can live with. I started buying raw milk from grass-fed cows and fresh eggs from free range chickens. Our meat is from free range, grass-fed animals too. I switched from vegetable oils to beef tallow from grass-fed cows--which is better for you. I still use a lot of extra virgin Olive Oil. We stopped using white flour as much as possible and I almost quit using sugar, with only the occasional dessert. Bob—he still likes the sugar, and the vending machine at work is willing to oblige his cravings.

At the time we implemented the changes, Bob's cholesterol count was 250 and triglycerides were nearly 200. We got his blood work done last week and received the results this week, and his numbers have changed significantly. Yay, God!

His cholesterol is now 169, his triglycerides are down to 120. He's lost a few pounds—which he didn't need to do. I have lost a very few—and I need to, but I am optimistic that more will come off as I stay with this way of eating. My cholesterol and triglycerides are all under normal too at my last checkup about two months ago.

Since the weather is getting cooler, I hope to get some more exercise and sunshine. I did test drastically low on vitamin d and take a large dose of that once a week.

Now we have Samuel living here and hence, another test specimen. It is wonderful to have our Sam here and we've waited to try to change much for him since he's adjusting to such changes. It is a different world from Italy, where he lived for the past six years. He loved the pasta and the bread there. He loved the food. The changes are going to be slow and I will be patient with him as he adjusts, because that is what love does.

I'll post more when I have something new to report. Thank you for your interest.

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